I wanted to share a few thoughts on the idea of multiple treatment discounts, as I've wrestled with it for some time, and only recently decided to offer them (see Clinics page for details).  I've always felt that to entice new patients with this type of offer isn't entirely ethical, as sometimes only one or two treatments are needed.  For example, certain types of muscular pain can resolve very quickly.  So, before meeting a new patient, assessing the situation, and seeing how they respond to the initial treatment, I don't like to suggest they should commit to a fixed number of follow-ups.  And I left it at that for many years - 'package' deals are bad.

But I've had a change of heart, as there are many occasions when it becomes clear that multiple treatments may be necessary, and the patient is keen and willing to commit to a 'course'.  There is also nothing wrong at all with having acupuncture periodically for 'maintenance', or as a preventative measure once any obvious symptoms are under control - in fact, this can be extremely beneficial.

So, I've decided to offer discounts for multiple follow-up treatments, as opposed to the initial treatment - that way, both the patient and I can assess the situation, and weigh up the options once we have enough information to do so.  I really hope this will be a helpful option for those who need multiple or on-going treatments. 

And don't forget, low-cost multi-bed treatments are also available. Many people who come for an initial private session decide to use the multi-bed option for follow-ups.