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Tom Kennedy MBAcC

Like many health professionals, I first came to my therapy because of my own health challenges. I was a video editor at the BBC, working long hours sitting in dark rooms hunched over computers, often under deadline stress. I was young and active, and saw no reason I couldn’t get away with burning the candle at both ends, so I spent a lot of time in the pub too.

This lifestyle gradually took its toll. My asthma and allergies worsened, I developed various back, neck and shoulder pains, and my energy levels began to fade. Someone mentioned acupuncture, so I gave it a try. I was amazed at the results I got, especially for my aches and pains. I also felt more relaxed than I had for ages, and my energy levels picked up too.

These experiences led me to look into the training options for acupuncture, and as it happens the deadline to apply for Westminster University’s acupuncture degree course was fast approaching, so I just went for it. I’m glad I didn’t have time to talk myself out of it, because I haven’t looked back since.

I’m delighted to be able to say that by coaching people on nutrition and lifestyle, offering advice on supplementation and herbal remedies, and applying the wonderful healing tools of acupuncture and tuina massage, I’ve been able to help many hundreds of people improve their health and well-being. I’m very grateful to the practitioner who inspired me to take this path all those years ago, and I continue to be inspired by the changes I see every week in my patients.

If you’re at a point in your life where you’re also ready to make changes for the better, please get in touch.


  • He is a fully qualified and insured member of the British Acupuncture Council, with over 10 years of experience.

  • He holds a degree qualification in acupuncture from the University of Westminster.

  • He has extensive experience, having worked in many clinics in London and Bristol, including the NHS Gateway Clinic in Clapham, the Natural Health Clinic in Bristol, and Penny Brohn Cancer Care's Treatment Support clinic.

  • He has been trained in acupuncture by some of the world's leading experts, and is continually refining his skills and adding to his knowledge.

  • He is trained in functional medicine by Chris Kresser, and is able to offer expert advice on nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation, herbal remedies, cutting edge lab testing, and much more.

  • He has been published in top journals in his field, has been a guest speaker at professional conferences, and creates educational resources for acupuncture students and the public.

  • He is a tutor on the Portland Centre's trail-blazing Diploma for Integrative Medicine, teaching doctors and other healthcare professionals about acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

  • He is an optimist! Although he doesn't promote false hope, he believes strongly that everyone can at least improve their health and well being, and in many cases they can revolutionise it.

  • He offers an entirely personalised approach, and goes above and beyond what is expected by providing information and resources to maximise the chances of improvements in health and well being.


"Tom is my favourite therapist in Bristol!! He is extremely intuitive and knowledgable which gives me utmost confidence when I'm explaining my latest physical issues. What can sometimes feel complicated on my arrival, Tom will have simplified and set the healing in motion by the time I leave."

S.H. - Bristol

"Tom's calm and professional approach is very reassuring and he is always willing to give additional suggestions that may help."

A.S. - Devon

"Tom's warm professional approach left me in no doubt that I would be in good hands, both figuratively and literally! His enthusiasm for and knowledge of Chinese medicine resulted in a comprehensive analysis of my problem and a treatment plan in which I had every confidence. I always felt able to ask any questions or note any observations along the way, and these were listened to and used to make adjustments and fine tune as necessary. I can't recommend Tom highly enough!"

K.S. - Bristol

"I would not hesitate to recommend acupuncture generally, and Tom in particular as he is a sensitive and gentle practitioner."

J.C. - London

"Tom's treatments have seen me through some very difficult times, increasing a sense of wellbeing and calm and a sense of hope. He is unfailingly sensitive, calm, positive and empathetic and I cannot imagine my life without the weekly needles. In addition he is highly intelligent, reading widely on health matters and embarking on further training."

S.T. - Bristol

"Having little prior experience of acupuncture I soon realised how skilled and knowledgable Tom was in his field. His manner alone is soothing and durring treatments I would feel comfortable and relaxed. I cannot recommend his services more highly."

S.C. - Bristol

"It's Tom's holistic approach - he is a gloriously listening person, and his needles and massage have affected me - body, mind, spirit - in a mysterious (and to several close and observant friends) clearly visible way: "centered, attentive, calm, listening - even (at times) peaceful"."

N.B. - Bristol

"...a most interesting presentation, that was delivered clearly and with humour."

Wendy Rarity - in the AACP Annual Conference Journal 2011, reviewing Tom's presentation at the conference

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