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Looking for acupuncture in Bristol? Read more about Tom's approach.

Tom has been running his Bristol acupuncture practice for over 10 years. You can find out more about Tom and his approach, as well as reading testimonials, by clicking here. Use the 'Conditions' menu above for more information about what Tom commonly treats. 

Explore the site to get a general introduction to acupuncture, or read some more specific thoughts on Tom's acupuncture blog. You can also visit the homepage to watch videos of Tom demonstrating some of the techniques, and explaining some of the basics.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form below. If you're ready to make a booking, scroll down the page for more information on prices, hours etc. You can also click here for some ideas on how to get the most out of your treatment.

How to book

Please use the contact form below, or call/text Tom on 07966 347453 to book. See below for prices and clinic details.

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opening hours, PRICEs & access

Please note: bookings are sometimes available outside these hours so please ask if they don't suit.

Payment: Cash or cards accepted (receipts available on request)

The natural health clinic @ the practice rooms

39 Cotham Hill
Bristol BS6 6JY

PLEASE NOTE: See below for details of how to gain access to the building.


How to get into the building

The clinic uses a colour-coded buzzer system - please press the appropriate buzzer at the time of your appointment (see below). Apologies for the inconvenience, but there is no waiting room in the building so please don’t buzz before your session - practitioners are not allowed to let people in before their appointment time.

Which colour buzzer?

Please note: some rooms vary from week to week, so please check the actual date/time of your appointment below. Can’t see the room list? Click here for an alternative view.

private vs. low-cost (multi-bed) acupuncture treatment - which should I choose?

Multi-bed sessions

Available at the Natural Health Clinic, and is a low-cost option.  Although I do my best to make sure any sensitive discussions are held in private, you may be treated in a room along with other people.  There is limited time for the consultation, and techniques beyond acupuncture (e.g. cupping, tuina massage and moxa) are not possible as I move on to treat other people once the needles are in place.  PROS: affordable, and a good way to access 'maintenance' treatments.  May be best suited to simpler conditions such as muscular aches and pains, but other issues do also respond in this setting.  CONS: short consultation time means a full case history is not possible.  No scope for tuina (Chinese massage), cupping, moxa etc.  May be in a room with others (some people enjoy this and would count it as a pro).

Private sessions

Available at the Natural Health Clinic.  PROS: Much longer consultation times, so better suited to complex conditions.  Full privacy.  The full range of treatment options are available, and a tailored combination is often used.  CONS: higher cost.

For those on a budget, I usually suggest coming for a private initial consultation where possible, then receiving follow-up treatments in the low-cost clinics (or a mixture).

Tom Kennedy Acupuncture Bristol