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Acupuncture Bristol

How to book

Please use the contact form below, or call/text Tom on 07966 347453 to book. See below for prices and clinic details.

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PRICEs, opening hours & access

Please note: bookings are sometimes available outside these hours so please ask if they don't suit.

Functional Medicine: Please contact Tom directly (see above) to discuss availability/pricing etc. Skype/phone consultations are available (I can't currently accept patients living in USA/Canada). 

Acupuncture/Tuina massage: See table below.

Treatment type



When available

Initial phone consultation

15 mins



Private (initial consultation)

60 mins

£40-60 (pay what you can afford)

Tuesdays 1.30-8.00 & Fridays 2.00-8.00

Private (follow-up)

45 mins

£35-45 (pay what you can afford)

Tuesdays 1.30-8.00 & Fridays 2.00-8.00


30-40 mins

£20-35 (pay what you can afford)

Tuesdays 9.30-12.30 & Fridays 10.00-1.00

Payment: Cash or cards accepted (receipts available on request)

The natural health clinic @ the practice rooms

39 Cotham Hill
Bristol BS6 6JY

PLEASE NOTE: See below for details of how to gain access to the building.


How to get into the building

There is a colour-coded buzzer system.  Press the appropriate buzzer at the time of your appointment (apologies for the inconvenience but there is no longer a waiting room in the building so please try not to arrive too early - the management do not allow me to let people in before their appointment time):

Tuesday morning multi-bed: BLUE

Tuesday afternoon private: GREEN

Friday morning multi-bed: YELLOW

Friday afternoon private: ORANGE

private vs. low-cost (multi-bed) acupuncture treatment - which should I choose?

Multi-bed sessions

Available at the Natural Health Clinic, and is a low-cost option.  Although I do my best to make sure any sensitive discussions are held in private, you may be treated in a room along with other people.  There is limited time for the consultation, and 'extras' beyond acupuncture like cupping, tuina massage and moxa are not possible as I move on to treat other people once the needles are in place.  PROS: affordable, and a good way to access 'maintenance' treatments.  May be best suited to simpler conditions such as muscular aches and pains, but other issues do also respond in this setting.  CONS: short consultation time means a full case history is not possible.  No scope for tuina (Chinese massage), cupping, moxa etc.  May be in a room with others (some people enjoy this and would count it as a pro).

Private sessions

Available at the Natural Health Clinic.  PROS: Much longer consultation times, so better suited to complex conditions.  Full privacy.  The full range of treatment options are available, and a tailored combination is often used.  CONS: higher cost.

For those on a budget, I usually suggest coming for a private initial consultation where possible, then receiving follow-up treatments in the low-cost clinics (or a mixture).

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